ASOS Size Checker

If you always shop at a specific ASOS website, you might be missing out on the different advantages that you have from looking at other ASOS stores. Apart from the prices, different ASOS stores might stock different sizes of a given product. For example, say you wear size L T-shirt and you normally buy from ASOS DE. For a specific T-shirt, the ASOS DE does not have your L size. However, by just checking the ASOS IT or ASOS FR store, you might find your size. Ordering from any ASOS store is fine and therefore, by just checking the different stores, you can find your size.

The following website does this automatically for you along with the price.

As you can see on the image, it shows you the photo, the cheapest price, how much you save, the cheapest store and the prices at the different stores and the sizes in the different stores.

Screen Shot 2019-06-30 at 7.41.33 AM

With this, you save time, money and at the same time find your preferred size.

Cheers! Price Tracker, ASOS Price Drop Alert and ASOS Price Checker (2019)

ASOS Price Checker. Did you know that the same product has different prices on different ASOS country-dedicated websites? Find out how you can save up to 60% or find your size just by comparing the different stores. You can also get notification when the price drops!

UPDATE: a web version of this service is available here and a Chrome extension that shows you the cheapest price when you are on ASOS website is available here.

  1. ASOS Price Comparison and Price Alert Telegram bot

  2. Web version ASOS Price Compare service

  3. Chrome extension for ASOS Price Comparison service

I use to do several online shopping. They are one of the best online fashion shops. They have several stores in different parts of the world. Each store might have different price for the same product. Sometimes, you might find up to 50% price difference between different stores. If you, for example, always buy from ASOS UK, then you have to compare the price, for example, with ASOS Germany as you might save a lot.

Screen Shot 2019-02-03 at 6.40.37 PM

You can do this buy opening the different store websites for the same product and compare the prices… sometimes you might need to convert the currency to your preferred one. To facilitate this process, I have created an Price Tracker ( Price Checker) Telegram bot that can help you do these automatically. Check prices on all ASOS country sites of the same products. You simply copy the product’s link and paste it in the chat and the comparison is done automatically and a summary is provided. It is easy to use and has the following features:

  • ASOS Price comparison: compares the prices of a product in the different ASOS stores and tells you which store has which size and how much it costs followed by the link to the cheapest store
  • ASOS Price Tracker/Price Alert: if you want to wait until the price for a given product drops, you also have the possibility to get price alert for the product and get notification as soon as its price changes (drops/increases or the product goes out of stock/comes back to stock)
  • ASOS Size check: sometimes the product that you wanted to buy from your preferred store might no longer exist in the size you want. By using either the Telegram bot or the web version, you can see which other stores have your size.
  • ASOS back in stock alert/notifications: Get back in stock alerts for any item on ASOS. It will send you a notification when your favorite product comes back into stock on ASOS.

It is very easy to use. You just send a link to an ASOS product to this bot and the bot responds with content similar to the image above: the price and the available sizes in each store followed by a summary pointing out cheapest store.

If you are on mobile and have the ASOS app, you can just click on the “Share” button, then choose Telegram from the list and share the link to the bot. Before sharing the link to the bot, you should first “Start” using the ASOS Price Tracker bot. By following the link or by searching for @asos_price_tracker_bot on Telegram, you can START conversation with the bot.

If you’re using a web browser, just copy the link of the product and send it to the bot on Telegram web.

If you’re not using Telegram, you can use the web version that does similar things without the price alert feature.

The Chrome extension tells you the cheapest price while you are still on ASOS website. For example, below we see a product listed in the Italian ASOS website. The Chrome extension displays automatically the available cheapest price for this current product. As you can see, this product is available €100 cheaper in other ASOS stores.

ASOS price tracker shows an ASOS product sold for €300 in ASOS Italy found €100 cheaper in another store
ASOS product sold for €300 in ASOS Italy found €100 cheaper in another store

The other advantage of the Chrome extension is when you come across a product that is out of stock in your preferred store but is available in another store. Look at the following image.

asos price comparison tool helping discover out of stock product
ASOS product that is out of stock in ASOS UK but available in another ASOS store.

As you can see, the product that you gave up on because you thought it was out of stock could actually be available in another ASOS store.

This is a personal project that was intended to help me manage my shopping on ASOS. I benefited from it by getting price drop alerts as well as finding the cheapest store. As some friends found it interesting and are using it, I thought it might also be interesting to others.

Feedbacks are welcome!